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After the many monsters and nefarious ne'er-do-wells that populate the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, the second most popular aspect of the adventures is probably the multitude of traps that the incautious will find scattered through the books - particularly those that have fatal consequences for the reader!

If you have designed a deathtrap worthy of Baron Sukumvit's infamous dungeon, or a cunning trick to fool an unwary adventurer venturing into the tunnels beneath Firetop Mountain, then this is the area of the Fighting Fantasy Fan Zone for you. Send your design to and we will display it for you here so that it can be appreciated by other FF aficionados.

All images have been published here with permission from the creator(s) and may not be reproduced without permission. All images downloaded from this web site remain the moral and intellectual property of the individual artists concerned, and are to be used for private, non-commercial purposes only. This is a fan submission and its contents are completely unofficial. Some creatures, monsters, characters, places, and other names may be copyright Fighting Fantasy.

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