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The Citadel of Chaos

By Steve Jackson


Are YOU brave enough to enter the trap-filled lair of the evil sorcerer Balthus Dire?


You are a fearless young wizard, armed with magic spells – the last hope to defeat this dread magician and warlord. You must enter his forbidden citadel and take on his monstrous minions, or perish in the process.


Step up, hero, it's time to fight!

ISBN 9781407181257

Did you know...?

Steve Jackson: “Creating names for new characters monsters and places was always a brainstorming exercise. I’d write lots of contenders on a sheet of paper and eventually pick one which to my mind sounded evocative... ‘Balthus’ was the name of a French painter. At the time I was constantly on the lookout for inspiration for names for characters, places and creatures. I thought: ‘Yes. That’s a cool name. Sounds kind of demonic, or like a dark religious pontiff.’ I used to use a thesaurus a lot for inspiration. ‘Dire’ sounded particularly bad. And thus Balthus Dire became the boss of the adventure.”

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