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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

By Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone


Are YOU brave enough to take on the monsters and magic of Firetop Mountain?


The powerful warlock Zagor must be slain - but first you will need to make it through the caverns of his mountain stronghold. But be warned - many adventurers have tired before you, only to take a wrong turn in Zagor's notorious maze and perish at the hands and claws of the Warlock's gruesome servants.


Step up, hero, it's time to fight!

ISBN 9781407181301

Did you know...?

When Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone were commissioned to write the first Fighting Fantasy gamebook it was called The Magic Quest. It took the pair six months to complete the first draft, running Games Workshop during the day and working on the book in their spare time. Livingstone wrote the first half of the adventure, setting it in a dungeon under Firetop Mountain. Jackson wrote the second half, having the hero face off against the evil warlock Zagor at the end. And so The Magic Quest became The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

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