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Deathtrap Dungeon

By Ian Livingstone


Are YOU brave enough to enter evil Baron Sukhumvit's devilish dungeon and take part in his Trial of Champions?


It's a trap-filled and monster-infested labyrinth where you'll compete against five other adventurers to collect certain gems, which are the key to escaping and winning the Trial.

Step up, hero, it's time to fight!

ISBN 9781407181271

Did you know...?

When it was first released, Deathtrap Dungeon sold over 350,000 copies in its first year alone. It was Inspired by a holiday Livingstone had taken to Thailand. “I went trekking in Northern Thailand in 1981,” explains Livingstone. “I passed through Fang and crossed the River Kok on my way to the jungle near the Burmese border. I took lots of photos of villagers and scenery on the trek. It was an incredible adventure, and one not without drama. Our guide was constantly fretting about armed bandits coming over the border to rob us! The trek made a big impression on me, enough for me to want to reference the people and places in Deathtrap Dungeon.”

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