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1982 ~                GAMEBOOKS                ~ 2023

Welcome to the world of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, the interactive fantasy adventures in which YOU are the hero! You choose which path to take, which hazards to risk, and which monsters to fight, all from the comfort of your favourite reading spot, armed with two dice and pencil and an eraser.

Click on the covers below to find out more about your favourite Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

Cavern of the Snow Witch CVR.jpg
Assassins of Allansia CVR.jpg
Assassins of Allansia SE CVR.jpg
Sorcery 2 CVR.jpg
Return to Firetop Mountain cvr.jpg
Sorcery 3 - The Seven Serpents - Scholastic.jpg
Crystal of Storms CVR.jpg
Sorcery 4 - The Crown of Kings - Scholastic.jpg
Secrets of Salamonis Cover.jpg
Shadow of the Giants Cover.jpg
The Dungeon on Blood Island cover coming soon.jpg
YOU ARE THE HERO An Interactive History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks cover.png
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