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The Gates of Death

By Charlie Higson


Are YOU ready to venture beyond the Gates of Death?


Bestselling author, and long-time fan of Fighting Fantasy, Charlie Higson brings his own brand of heart-stopping action, terrifying monsters and page-turning plotting to Allansia...


YOU must respond to a call for help from the people of Allansia. People and animals are being struck down by a Demon Plague and only YOU carry the cure.


Your quest to the Temple of Throff in the Invisible City will be challenging and dangerous. Once there you must face the legendary Gates Of Death, on the other side of which waits the Ulrakaah, Queen Of Darkness and Mother of Demons.

Step up, hero, it's time to fight!

ISBN 9781407186306

Did you know...?

Despite The Gates of Death being his first Fighting Fantasy gamebook, best-selling author Charlie Higson has actually made a cameo appearance in the 30th anniversary adventure Blood of the Zombies. “The Fighting Fantasy books are really interesting as a way of storytelling and are very useful when looking at how to construct plots,” says Higson. “In each book there are many ways to get through to the end. I suppose when I write a book I am always asking myself the same questions you get asked as a reader of FF books. Do you open the door on the right? Do you use an axe or a morningstar? Do you kill the monster or try to talk to it… They are also interesting in that they show you that there are many ways to tell the same story.”

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