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The Port of Peril

By Ian Livingstone


Are YOU brave enough to face the ultimate quest?


You must travel all over Allansia – including old haunts such as Darkwood Forest and Port Blacksand – on a dangerous mission. But what starts as a treasure hunt soon takes a darker turn, as the evil sorcerer Zanbar Bone rises again from the dead.

Step up, hero, it's time to fight!

ISBN 9781407181295

Did you know...?

Scholastic chose to produce a limited edition hardback of The Port of Peril, alongside the standard paperback release, featuring a brand-new piece of cover art by McCaig himself. The cover features a classic scene from the Black Lobster tavern in Port Blacksand. For the collector’s hardback, Fighting Fantasy cartographer Leo Hartas was commissioned to revisit the map he painted for The Trolltooth Wars novel (written by Steve Jackson), back in 1989, and produce a new version for a new generation of gamebook readers. Having seen what Hartas came up with, Ian Livingstone suggested to Scholastic that the map should appear in all of the Allansia-based books, which it does.

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