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Independent audiobook publisher Spokenworld Audio is proud to announce a partnership with legendary UK gaming authors Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone to bring the original Fighting Fantasy world guide, Titan, to audiobook life.

TITAN: The Fighting Fantasy World

Written by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and Edited by Marc Gascoigne

Narrated by Neil Gardner


No adventurer should be without this essential guide. TITAN contains everything you need to know about the Fighting Fantasy world, covering the turbulent history of Titan, from its creation and early civilisations, through the devastating War of the Wizards to the present day wilderness where the delicate balance between Good and Chaos could at any moment be overturned!

Dur: 9hrs 25mins Mono

Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas

Full cast dramatisations full of magic and adventure inspired by the classic gamebook series

Join elven hero Vale Moonwing and adventurer Cassius Stormblade on their quest through the depths of Firetop Mountain. Can they survive the deadly traps and evade Zagor's army of the undead? Can they stay alive long enough to confront the dark warlock himself?


When Elven warrior Vale Moonwing returns to Darkwood forest, to recover from her mission to Firetop Mountain and to consult her friend and mentor, the powerful wizard Yaztromo, she discovers there can be no peace for her whilst evil continues to threaten the lands of Allansia. Will her strength and bravery be enough to thwart the likes of the Demonic Three?


All five stories can be downloaded individually from Audible, AudioBooks, Google Play, iTunes, RB Digital, Apple Books, and many more retailers across the world. Click here for the UK Audible Store.

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