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Are YOU ready to enter Deathtrap Dungeon?

Part story, part game, this is Interactive Fiction where YOU become the hero!

Deathtrap Dungeon, arguably one of the most popular book in the Fighting Fantasy series, was originally released in 1984 and challenges the player to survive the cruel Baron Sukumvit's Trial of Champions that takes place in a labyrinth, full of fiendish traps and deadly creatures, under the city of Fang.

Branching Narrative's Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure, is a new take on the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone and showcases the company’s new Interactive Fiction engine. It stars British actor Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan, The Gentlemen, Deadpool 2), who acts as narrator and guide in this high-quality interactive video production that faithfully recreates the beloved fantasy book.


Branching Narrative's Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure is delivered as a high quality video stream with Eddie Marsan prompting the player to make choices and direct the flow, offering enhanced gameplay over other recent high-profile ‘interactive movie’ offerings, fully utilising the mechanics from the classic Fighting Fantasy book.


Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure is out now on PC and Mac.

About Branching Narrative

Formed in 2019 by Games Industry veterans Mark Ripley and Matt Spall, Branching Narrative is a brand new business concentrating on building interactive experiences around branching video, working with both existing and new authors.

Branching Narrative Deathtrap Dungeon Or
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